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Client Area Photo Download

Find the icon of a down facing arrow with a line under it.

The one below a photo will download just that photo.

The one above the photo will download all the photos in a gallery.


FREE PHOTOS-Event Photos Only. This does not apply to Portrait, Individual Game Day, or Client Photos!

You can Save as many low resolution photos from the event pages as you like FREE as follows:

Note: Buying 1 high resolution event photo sure helps with the expenses evolved with taking these, and it's less than a couple Starbuck drinks and last longer! Ok so here's how to get them free.

1-Open the Event photo from a thumbnail gallery by clicking on it. Only a single Event photo should be displayed.

2-Right Click on the single Event Photo.

3-Select "Save Image as".

4-Select a location on your computer to save the image.


Please leave the copy right notice on the free photo if you post them online. This lets others know where my site is. Thank you.


You can also buy the original full size photo.

Please read "Before you buy!" before doing so.

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